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This page is under reconstruction. I apologize for the mess in this period. Please contact me directly if you are looking for something you don’t find.

Welcome to my page. Do you need help or feedback while working on your text? I offer good advices. Read about my editorial services here.

If you are interested in reading about my books, Sparkling education and Sparkling education has their own homepage here: Gnistrende.net.

Storytelling magic has its page here: Fortellemagi.no.

My latest project, Improvisation in the classroom is to be found here:  Improiklasserommet.no.

In addition, you will find bloggtexts and texts published in other channels on this site. Check out my reviews of books on writing.

Do you want to contact me? Please drop a few word on this contact form. Thanks for visiting my page!  Jørgen


Jørgen is my name! When I am not editing this webpage, I most probably either teach, give a lecture, deliever feedback on texts, or write on my next book. By night you can find me on the improv-stages i Oslo. I have a MA degree in comparative literature, and am educated as a lecturer from the University of Oslo, and also live in Oslo. My books have their own webpages: Gnistrende.net Fortellemagi.no Improiklasserommet.no. Keep updated for my latest news by following the FB-page JorgenMoltubak.no or contact me on my LinkedIn-profile.